State Chapters

No. State Name Contact Number Email ID
1. Goa Dr. Gauri Kamat
9764120524 Read More
2. Karnataka Dr. Nalini Arun
9740471737 Read More
3. Kerala Dr. T. R. Eswar
Orthopedic Surgeon
9840724924 Read More
4. Madhya Pradesh Dr. Sangram Singh
Paediatric Surgeon
9827221426 Read More
5. Maharashtra Dr. Santosh Karmarkar
Paediatric Surgeon
9820306107 Read More
6. North East Dr. H. Dutta
Paediatric Surgeon
9435031257 Read More
7. Orrisa Dr. Baikuntha Mishra
Paediatric Surgeon
9437063253 Read More
8. Rajasthan Dr. Kapil Gangwal
Orthopedic Surgeon
9314504479 Read More
9. Uttarakhand Dr. Santosh Singh 7905116334 Read More
10. Tamil Nadu Dr Prakash Agarwal
9840114749 Read More
11. Chandigarh Dr. Monika Bawa
Paediatric Surgeon
9815677997 Read More
12. Delhi Dr. Yogesh Sarin
Paediatric Surgeon
9818410030 Read More
13. Gujarat Dr. Amit Sitapara 9825773396 Read More


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The SBF, a not-for-profit organisation was formed by Medical Professionals and parents of Spina Bifida Children who have been involved in the care and upbringing of Spina Bifida patients in India for more than a decade. Since 1997, we – a group of doctors, parents and well wishers have been consistently working for the cause of improving the lives of Spina Bifida (SB) patients and for preventing SB.